Monday, January 31, 2011

winnie j panicker with s p balasubramaniyam

The idea to produce an Audio album titled 'Flowers on the violin' was conceptualised by my course coordinator Fr. Biju K.C. He was my constant motivator to make this album a reality. I have been privileged and blessed as my album was released by the veteran singer Shri. S.P Balasubramaniam.
The experience of standing beside Shri. S.P.B on a large stage cannot be expressed in words. All the people who worked for the album were from University (Christ University, Bangalore) itself. I have had constant support from my friends and family.
The album was released under the banner of Snoopies Media Productions. The music for the album was done by Mr. Keval Chheda and Mr.Samrat Dey, both students of Christ University under their production banner 'Anima Productions'.
I should mention special thanks to Ms. Anupama Nayar for helping me out with the recitation, Mr. Gautham S. for editing the album and to Ms. Melanie Mendonza for lending out her voice.
winnie j panicker

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