Sunday, March 28, 2010

a sasidhara panicker

Jesin, why can’t you stay back today?
You plan to go back?
I like this ambiance
Then what is that stopping you?
You know Jesin,
simply IJust cannot express it in words
When you are around here
It takes a magical turn
In the air around here
You bring in some kind of charm
No one else could bring in
That does not mean
I am in love with you
But the magic you create here
Is Unique, it haunts thisHome,
rather this house getting transformed
Into a home only
When you are around
What should I say?
I have been sitting here
Reading this book enjoying your aroma
Yes, Jesin you bring in a presence
Which you were given by God
That is divine something beyond words
Which transforms this abode into a home
This state is what we miss here
I am not in love with you, sure
Why not we walk a little
Let us go out for a while
This pleasant evening
Sun is going to set and this setting sun
Reflects some special warmth
Into my soul
I feel like moving with you for a while
Through this walk ways
Through this market palace
We are nobody here
No one perhaps notices us
But definitely both of us gain something
Which perhaps both of us alone
Sitting somewhere else cannot generate…
Where did you stop?
You said that was the only decision father took
Which did not conflict with your brother’s case; yes
The girl he proposed happened to be
The girl my brother was looking for
That may be a jock from the almighty
Just think the other way round
Then my brother could have been placed in
A plane where he would have been in a fix
No he just cannot reject it
Had it been the other way round even
What is in your case?
Are you in Love with some one?
That is not the case
Then what? Imagine you have some one
And Uncle has some one else
with a greatChoice any girl would envy to grab
What would you do?
The issue is I am yet to locate some one
Or rather someone yet to come into my lifeOk.
Fine I can only tell you
But these moments haunt me
Look how crowded this market place is
No one is watching us
We don’t feel like anybody around us
In this human flow
Do you find anybody around us?
Jesin, this feeling I just cannot express
Do you think I am in love with you?
Tell you the truth I am not
Then what is this force behind?
Jesin let us go back
Mom must have been waiting
Jesin look at the setting sun
Do you like that golden clouds
I love sunsets a lot
Especially over hill tops
And on oceans
I used to sit back and watch
As if in a trance
Jesin I do not find the sunset now
Though the sun is setting
This environment isTaking me
to a different plane
I did not touch you
But the hallow you spread is swallowing me…
Jesin let us walk
This tender wind is cool and warm to me
Is it so with you?
I do find this air soothing
Jesin, time runs very fast
Do you feel it?
Sure, ok, so what you do
Are you staying back?
Aunty also asked me
I wish I could stay back, that is fine
Jesin do come back another evening
And let us create another day,
I am sureJesin I am notIn love
ButIt is a trance,,,,let me keep it……..

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