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The artist in Gayatri is under going a metamorphosis. From the method of his earlier works he has grown in to the philosophical maturity of facts. This growth is evident in the choice of themes, colors and drawings.

For any painter rural scenes always tend to be nostalgic. But in Gayatri’s paintings the anxieties of the rural folks, who are afraid of the urban culture are portrayed. He copies it through de-constructional interpretation and also makes vacuum a theme. These are discussed in the ‘Beyond the dreams’ series of paintings. But here it takes shape in three stages-worries and dreams, myth and dreams, culture and mythology- and points towards the de-construction of culture. The idea that when individuals become crowd culture is created is good for discourse. But as a peasant’s moral self mixes with his dreams it becomes a hesitation. The peasants left in this world are living with the traces of this hesitation. Their compassion evolves an inner text which draws them nearer. This is the specialty of the paintings in ‘The farmer couple’ series. In this series space is not diverged in to memories and realities. It develops a confronting view point. Vertical and horizontal frames are blended and real and abstract aspects are brightened up. Thus the ray of hope of the abandoned becomes their promised land in Gayatri’s paintings. Here we can see the slick of poverty and sorrow.

In his works Gayatri has tried to reproduce folklores using tribal symbols and colors. In order that these folklores not lose their identity and relevance he presents recent history as a back ground. Terrorism and communal riots achieve new dimensions in his paintings as still shapes and symbolizes lethargic figures of power. Thus at the material and spiritual levels they are the philosophies to overcome power.

Green colored women, red colored men, girl on a flying fish, birds sitting in leafs cats which have become pots, butterflies begging for life, coconut palms like camera obscure are genuine forces resisting the changing life. Their irregular encroachment produce a new ideologue in Gayatri’s paintings.

Hope, motherhood, memories of the village etc are the basic symbols of Gayatri’s aesthetic sense. But the simplicity and genuineness of primary colors creates a new path of organic. So animals and plants in his paintings, like traditional signs, do not get washed away in the flow of new culture and ideologies. - K.V.S.NELLUVAI.

gayatri the artist



Born – Guruvayur, Kerala, India


Travelled extensively all over India from the child hood. Lived with untouchables and laborers in various parts. Studied the life styles of marginalized people. Worked as a freelance architect of low-cost construction theory and made more than hundred houses to dwell poor society.


Hotel Elite International,Guruvayur - 1977

Museum Gallery ,Trivandrum – 1980

Lalitkala Academy Gallery ,Kochi– 1982

Chitram Art Gallery,Ernakulam – 1986

Lalitkala Academy Gallery,Calicut – 1990

Bajaj Art Gallery,Mumbai – 1990

Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai - 1992

Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai – 1994

Taj Art Gallery,Mumbai - 1994

Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai – 1996

Museum Gallery ,Trivandrum – 1996

Chitram Art Gallery, Cochin – 1996

Leela Art Gallery,Mumbai – 1998

Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai – 1998

Lalitkala Academy gallery,Delhi – 1998

Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai – 2000

Lalitkala Academy Gallery,Calicut –2005

Lalitkala Academy Gallery,Cochin – 2005

Rossitta Art Gallery Cochin – 2006

Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai – 2007

Art Entrance Gallery, Mumbai - 2008


Kerala lalitha kala academy’s Sponsored show,New delhi - 1977

Kerala lalitha kala academy’s Sponsored show ,Madras - 1980

National exhibition Mahakoshal Kala Parishad – 1981,82,83

Ravivarma memorial exhibition ,Museum Dept.Kerala - 1981

Lalitkala academy annual show-1976 to 1982

South Indian art exhibition,VTI,Madras - 1982

Annual show ,Chitrakala parishad ,Thrissur – 1983

Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai -1994

Affordable Art Gallery, Mumbai – 1996

Heritage Art Gallery, Chennai - 1997

Gallery Hues, Banglore – 2007

Juneja art gallery, Jaipur – 2007

Artchill gallery,Amber fort ,Jaipur – 2008

Lalitkala academy annual show - 2007


Aranyakam, an art dealing group cochin ,in association with hotel Taj Malabar cochin conducted an auction of ten paintings on February 5th and 6th 2007. It was the first art auction in Kerala.


More than 100 paintings were collected by the art dealers and collectors all over the world.(the list will be get on request)


The media like Hindustan Times, The Times of India, The Indian Express, The Hindu, On Looker, The Sunday Observer, Woman’s Era, Vanitha, and numerous regional publications written about works sparingly.


Published many studies on art and literature. Published 6 books also in Malayalam.


Directed short films, plays.

Acted in plays.

Designed numerous architectures.


Kerala lalitkala academy award – 1976

National award from mahakoshalkala parishad, MP – 1986

Landsmen award, Switzerland – 1986

Punjab Blood bank Society Award – 1987

Kerala Sahitya academy – 1996

Khasak award – 1996



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