Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Often I wonder whether I have 'culture'. If I do have it, what it is like? Can I touch it?
Can I feel it? Can I express it? Or can I explain it?

A simple search for the term 'culture' in Google catapults you into a world of utter confusion. Google throws before you thousands of pages that do mention the word 'culture'. It is unlikely for one to go through all those pages in his life time. When it is so, the very thing 'culture' can be definitely confusing.

Kudos to the one who invented the word culture. Hats off to those who tried to define the word culture. A Nobel Prize for the one who explained it in a sentence without loosing its complete meaning.

Culture is such a word. It demands the entrepreneurship of men who have enough culture to redefine it.

Ask me about it. Suddenly I realize how helpless I am to convince you about it. How handicapped I am to describe it. I go dumbfounded about it.

Culture is something that is either elusive like a fish or volatile like spirit. Explaining it is still next to the impossible. I am sure that is the hallmark of culture as it is. No man ever lived on earth manifested his culture in its totality. But many like me and you brag about it. That is what our culture is.

When you are helpless you naturally seek the support of someone or something. All did seek the help of other known words to define this single word 'culture'. Educationists attributed its identity to civilization. Politicians attributed its identity to the party's agenda. Botanists attributed its identity to tissue culture. Each one attributed its identity to his area of activity.

Why this very word 'culture' remain so mystic in its very nature? Why does culture manifest only at times in one's life so that every one could understand it? Does it have anything to do
with Man who can walk on two legs, keep a smile on his lips, foster love in his heart and show compassion to others like him? does it influence the Man when he is annoyed, irritated or sad? Does it take over the Man when he is selfish and self-centered? does it manifest its self when the Man turns envious of others?

I am sure,culture is something that is directly related to your mind and your feelings. It is one thing that controls your Id, Ego and Super Ego. It turns itself into an 'angel' if you need it that way. It remains as a 'devil' if you let it rule you. Does culture have a split-personality? it is the only lasting entity in a Man's life that decides what He is and what He would be till his death.

Culture is permissive, compromising and accommodating. It is radical, revolutionistic and demanding at the same time. There is no state of 'in-between' for it.

To me 'culture' is a rose. At least I can deem it so with all my humility. The fragrance of it is everywhere. But mind you, don't handle it carelessly. You get hurt with its thrones!

So what makes your culture is neither the rose flower or the thrones around it. It is the fragrance of it.

Enjoy the fragrance of it as much as you can. You will never get fed up with the smell of a rose. You need not define how a rose flower smells. The very word rose itself smells rose.
Culture is a rose. It either makes you or breaks you.


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