Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Expatriate

The Expatriate
For My Fellow Married Bachelors
When in burning passion felt like living together

You were away earning for our better tomorrow
Sleepless nights silent sighs and pillows wet
I longed for you and you longed for me
While our baby went on asking day by day
When would Daddy come home Mamma?
Next month next month,until you came
You were busy visiting near and dear ones
While I waited with my midnight day-dreams
We got some moments while our baby sleeping
I wept on your chest you kissed me hot
I knew you would go saying this is the last
Waiting, waiting our baby grew a lovely damsel
Our thatched house turned a marble structure
You earned more than what we needed
For good you came to live a wealthy life
But alas! Wrinkled skin and lost desires
We have no time, we lost the essence of life!
We missed the bus, You were an Expatriate



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