Wednesday, March 7, 2012

winnie panicker

In this sunny bright morning,
When the rays of the sun just drop into my room through the
Panelled window on my left,
I can see sprinkles of colourful dust falling through them…

And the slight breeze, warm and stroking me with the slight heat
I feel like a floating petal on the bowl filled with water
The coolness beneath me makes me even happier in this breezy day
The breezy day of the heated sun

As I see a chilled glass of extracts, so sugary and sweet
And waiting to be gulped by me,
The tongue tingling juice just drips into me and I take it in
Feeling so overwhelmed and enthusiastic of the coolness that is spread in me

And the sun, just doesn’t seem to hide away,
He just shows how much he wants to be here, just be with
And not leave, and there he gives all that he can
In full amounts, just bright, skin scorching heat…but, that in his eyes, affection!

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